(1) What is Sahivalue?

Sahivalue is the service to buy and sell your gently used mobile phones and tablets from the comfort of your home or office. We offer the highest price for your phone/tablet if you wish to sell them to us. We offer certified, low priced items with a same day delivery service if you wish to buy from us.  Do check out


 (2) On the buyback pricing screen, what is the difference between “Like New: No usage signs” “Excellent: Light usage signs” and “Fair: Heavy usage signs”?

Mobiles in “Like New: No usage signs” condition are in brand new condition. There are absolutely no signs of use and are typically suitable for presenting as a gift. Less than 20% of the mobiles we see fall in this condition.

Mobiles in “Excellent: Light usage signs” condition have seen limited use . They may have very light scratches on the back panel (not on screen) or tiny color loss and dents and absolutely NO cracks, chips or large color loss on the body. If your phone has large dents or chips (but no cracks) or large color loss then our buyback price for your mobile will be Rs 500-Rs 2500 (depending on the mobile) less than the price shown when you select “Excellent: Light usage signs” 

Mobiles in “Fair: Major scratches & nicks” condition have seen lot of wear from heavy use and have many scratches, color loss, dents and/or chips. Nothing is broken, though.


(3) On the buyback pricing screen, when can I select the “Valid bill” option?

 You can select the “Valid bill” if:

(a) You have an Indian bill with a valid VAT/TIN number on the bill

(b) Your mobile IMEI number is on the bill. If your phone has been replaced and the IMEI number does not match the bill, then we need the replacement paperwork from the service center.

(c) You have at least 120 days of warranty left per the bill date.


(4) Is the pick-up / delivery service free?

No.  There is a Rs 200 service charge if you are selling your device to Sahivalue (pickup) and there is a Rs 100 service charge if you are buying a device from Sahivalue (delivery).  Our service is up to Borivali, Vashi and Thane. 


(5) What is the process once your technician comes to my home or office for pickup?

On the day of the scheduled evaluation, the technician will call you at least one hour in advance to confirm your availability. Once he reaches your place, he will first take the Rs 200 service charge from you, spend approx. 30 minutes testing the phone to confirm the phone is fully functional. Then, after you give him a xerox of your valid photo id and sign the appropriate documents, he will give you the cash in exchange for your mobile phone.


(6) I can't find my mobile phone on your website?

 We are currently accepting smartphones from a few brands. If you have a smartphone that you purchased in the last one year with a market rate of more than Rs 5000 and cannot find it on our website, please let us know by filling the Contact Us form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


(7) Why do you need a photo id?

For safety and security reasons, we ask for a xerox of your photo id. Under no circumstances can we buy your phone/tablet without a valid photo id. We accept the following 4 photo id documents: Aadhar card, Voter id card, Passport, Driving license (with biometric chip).


(8) Do you accept phones in all conditions?

 Your phone needs to satisfy the following conditions:

(a) It’s in working condition (powers up, makes and receives calls, camera works, etc;)

(b) Screen is not broken or cracked

(c) It's factory unlocked


(9) Can the buyback price reduce once it has been confirmed?

Yes, the buyback price may reduce if there is a price drop by the brand.  For example, let's say we are offering Rs 10k for a used Redmi Note 4 and a new phone is for Rs 12k.  If there is a price drop of Rs 1.5k, then we may not be able to offer the same buyback price of Rs 10k for a used phone when the new phone now costs Rs 10.5k

(10) I am unhappy with the service I received. What should I do?

It is supremely important to us that you are completely satisfied with the service you receive from Sahivalue. If we have not met your expectations, please write to us at Contact Us. We'll do whatever it takes to make things right.


(11) Do you offer Cash on Delivery?

Yes, we now ship across India and offer Cash on Delivery (COD).  Shipping charge is a flat Rs 100 which includes insurance.  Cash on Delivery is an extra 2% on the total.  To get COD, you first have to transfer Rs 500 to our account (Customer Joy Services Pvt. Ltd, Account No 020905004390, IFSC Code: ICIC0000209) and then the remainder can be paid through COD.  
For example, if you wish to avail COD for a Rs 9900 item, delivery charge will be Rs 100, and so on a total of Rs 10000 (9900 + 100), a 2% COD charge will be Rs 200 for a final total of Rs 10200.  In this case, you need to transfer Rs 500 to our account and pay the remainder (10200 - 500) Rs 9700 as COD.
(12) How can I work with you if I am dealer / wholesaler / retailer?
Please get in touch with us at